Ear Infections Among the White German Shepherds

One of the noticeable things about white German Shepherd Dogs are their beautifully erect ears. It is not surprising that these alert and keen ears make them great watchdogs. By the age of 20 weeks onward, their floppy ears are expected to become erect as the cartilage in the ears grow harder. However, if this fails to happen during this time frame, you may have to consider taping the ears of your dog.

Besides a White German Shepherd’s tendency to shed, it does not take a lot to maintain them. One other beautiful thing about them is the almost nonexistent doggy smell which means there is no need for frequent bathing. However, when you do bathe them, be sure to avoid getting water inside your dog’s ears.

Ear Care

Try to look for things like a bad smell, dirt, or sign of redness in the ears of your White German Shepherd. This should be done a minimum of once a week. Simply clean out any dirt you find with a soft cotton cloth. If the ears are pink and dirt-free, it proves that the ears are healthy.

Ear Infections

This breed of dogs gets ear infections just like any other dog. It is typical for your dog’s ear infection to start at the outer ear. Such infections are painful and need to be treated quickly before it spreads downwards to the middle and inner ears. Failure to do so may result in long-term damages such as deafness, life-threatening issues in addition to problems in balance.

Causes Of Ear Infections

Ear mites, an exposure to environmental elements as well as yeast imbalances, are one of the few causes of the dog’s ear infections. Some other common causes include a poor diet such as industrial food and the administration of antibiotics.

Telltale Signs Of An Ear Infection

There are certain things which reveal a possible ear infection of a White German Shepherd. You may notice your dog pawing at its ears or shaking its head. As you clean the ears, watch out for a red inflammation of the ears and bad odor from the ears.

Treating Ear Infections

If you detect the ear infection early, then, it must be in a mild stage. You can use cotton buds and a top ear cleanser to clean the ears of the week at least three times a day as detailed on the Banixx website page: How to treat dog ear infections with Banixx. Follow this up by applying a top wound and skin care spray. They are designed to reach the inner ears which you must never touch for fear of damaging an ear drum. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the treatment product. It is advisable to repeat this process for 14 days in order to eliminate any egg that hatched newly.

Avoid the use of antibiotics because of its tendency to make an ear infection chronic. White German Shepherds and ear infections do not get along very well. You can prevent ear infections by offering your dog unprocessed food and cleaning its ears at least once a week.